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Arch Summit

Presenting our latest release in Arch Summit

Hosted by Cisco in their Arch Summit booth (8C32), we are showcasing our Telco module. Visitors get to see a live demo of how we are processing vast amounts of data through our patented algorithms...

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Incelligent Natural Language Processing

A sophisticated tool from Incelligent for handling customer input, improving customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

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Optimizing & Monetizing Venues

Incelligent teamed up with Cisco and DT to efficiently manage the wireless network of a venue that hosts various events, bringing thousands of visitors to the area, stretching the wireless...

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Use cases

Applying Incelligent's technology in challenging network situations

Future RAN evolution: Tools to support strategic decision making

Radio Access Network (RAN) evolution is as important as ever. Currently, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) operate networks that comprise of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, while there are extensive...

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Combining different data sources to maximize Telco value

In this short demo video Incelligent presents how heterogeneous big data processed by its advanced machine learning algorithms can make huge difference for Telco decision support and thus enable the...

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Telco Customer Retention: an intersection of Network and Business big data

A competitive advantage for Telcos powered by Incelligent’s software framework.

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Products & Services

The key components of Incelligent software


Insights & Predictions This module of Incelligent software framework builds analyzes data sources and extracts valuable knowledge that exists in hidden correlations. It builds insights, indicatively...

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Real-time / proactive optimization. This module of Incelligent’s software framework delivers innovative knowledge-based/proactive recommendations, on how to handle the addressed/anticipated...

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Network Simulator Incelligent's software suite also includes a powerful simulator, which models current wireless broadband infrastructures (3GPP & Wi-Fi), and provides the means for trying out and...

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