About Incelligent

In brief


Incelligent enables Network Operators advance their Retention processes, Optimize Network Management, Monetize Big – data and become IoT ready. Our technology is applicable on Wireless (e.g. Mobile / Wi-Fi / Wi-Max) and Core Networks supporting improvements in service quality and customer experience, churn management, energy saving and revenue maximization. 

We address to TelCos, but also to operators of the networks of special hotspots as smart cities, airports and malls, where the advanced services provided rely on the efficient operation of the underlying network and potentially the knowledge that can be extracted from it.

So far Incelligent's technology has been applied in Mobile and Wi-Fi networks enabling significant improvements in customer experience (QoS), retention / churn efficiency and operational profitability. Moreover, pilots in other sectors as finance and utilities have already provided impressive results. 

Incelligent’s software framework extracts knowledge from network (and non - network) data to accurately predict important KPIs / KQIs and foresee user dynamics in the networks. This is made possible through advanced predictive analytics and optimization algorithms over seemingly uncorrelated data (e.g. telecommunication network metrics and social network trends).

Incelligent’s software platform consists of three key modules:

1. IncelliAna, a powerfull analyser of heterogeneous data (network and non – network) that generates insights and predictions.

2. IncelliOpt, an advanced decision support framework that models TelCo challenges (business objectives and management actions repertoire) and leverages IncelliAna’s predictions in order to proactively optimize actions.

3. IncelliSim, an efficient what – if – scenario simulator valuable for investment / management option evaluation and study of extreme states through simulations.


Some indicative use cases currently processed with Incelligent platform include:

  • Spectrum management / optimizations,

  • NPS improvement, Churn management,

  • Predictive RAN optimization, Real – time QoS management,

  • Traffic management,

  • Footfall & mobility predictions

Our technology makes wireless networks smarter (proactively adaptive), users happier (improved service quality), profits higher (lower costs, higher revenues) and our planet greener (reduced RAN energy footprint).


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