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The key components of Incelligent software framework

Incelligent Software Suite



Insights & Predictions

This module of Incelligent software framework builds analyzes data sources and extracts valuable knowledge that exists in hidden correlations. It builds insights, indicatively regarding the quality and efficiency of the network service, and foresights (predictions), regarding the situations to be addressed in time and space in the near/mid-term future.

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Real-time / proactive optimization.

This module of Incelligent’s software framework delivers innovative knowledge-based/proactive recommendations, on how to handle the addressed/anticipated situations. The goal is to optimize key areas of the Telco business, as indicatively customer experience and the operational expenditure. 

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Network Simulator

Incelligent's software suite also includes a powerful simulator, which models current wireless broadband infrastructures (3GPP & Wi-Fi), and provides the means for trying out and validating different management schemes and configurations.

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