5G-ready applications and network services made easy

Incelligent participated in the MATILDA project 2-day kick-off workshop, a multi-peer initiative to streamline 5G applications and services.

MATILDA is a 5G-PPP project aimiing to create an innovative framework for the design, development and orchestration of 5G-ready applications and network services over sliced infrastructure. Incelligent, based on its previous experience and expertise, is actively involved in the project and - among others - works on the development of machine learning algorithms for the extraction of network analytics towards mechanisms that support data analysis over a set of KPIs (e.g. network metrics, resources usage metrics, metrics applied to OSS/BSS systems etc.), as well as mapping those mechanisms with orchestration mechanisms leading to an intelligent orchestration framework.

The consortium includes some distinguished players of the market, among which are ATOS, ERICSSON, INTRASOFT, COSMOTE, ITALTEL etc.

Some more details about the project including the complete consortium list may be found in the summary project web page: https://5g-ppp.eu/matilda/


Screenshot MATILDA